Hesitation - Infratonal
Multidisciplinary artist wondering how what makes us human can dialogue with the algorithm to create a visual and musical hybrid artwork
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Do we hesitate to hate humans or machines?

We are in an ambivalent relationship with technology where our imaginations and our technology replace all human deductions and gestures by algorithms and machines. We justify it by the necessity to get out of our laborious condition. Is it the same necessity for art? Do we really appreciate human beings more than machines?


This piece questions the image of the hand accessing a dimension of an autonomous creature through a simple game of mirror. The image is diverted, and the algorithm monopolizes the essence of the hand itself. By analyzing its movement, the algorithm creates a more colorful and attractive version of this human creature.


This piece is an realtime Audio-Visual performance


Technical side: Touchdesigner, Max, Ableton Live, Python, Computer Vision …


Performance during Zone Digitali Festival – Bergamo/IT 2022