Intention - Infratonal
This digital art video is an interactive Audio Visual performance where the music and visuals are performed by hand gesture but have their behavior and motion as well. Here the artwork itself is the invisible instrument, and the whole piece is a dialogue between sheer human intention and algorithmic creation.
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Are algorithms more than human intentions?

We are still exploring the relationship we should have with algorithms. We are searching for new positions of human beings as algorithms replace them in more complex tasks.


This piece speaks of this quest symbolically, in a dance between an allegory of the algorithm and the gesture of the hand. Here the two positions themselves in response to the other, seeking to tame and master each other.


Real-time Visual & Musical Algorithmic performance and installation



Technical side: Touchdesigner, Max, Ableton Live, Python, Computer Vision, OSC control …


Infratonal – Intention – Galeria Kollektiva / Visions (collective exhibition) – Kassel 2022