The tech behind the art - Infratonal
Multidisciplinary artist wondering how what makes us human can dialogue with the algorithm to create a visual and musical hybrid artwork
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The tech behind the art

Behind a creative approach, there are always a few technical skills. I develop prototypes, installations, and performances that connect humans to algorithms, particularly generative AI.


My creative skills span a wide spectrum, encompassing visual, sound, musical, and narrative forms related to the technological dimension.


I have developed expertise on the Touchdesigner platform (Read my Interview to learn more about my processes), which I appreciate for its flexibility and infinite potential. I’m passionate about Generative and Interactive AI and exploring the implementation of models in artistic creations and prototypes of all kinds.
Here are some of the themes I worked on :


  • Installation using a wide range of computer vision capabilities
  • Depth sensor integration (Kinect, Realsense …)
  • Generative AI custom animation (ComfyUI, AnimatedDiff)
  • Generative AI UI/UX for ideation (LLM implementation)
  • Realtime and interactive generative AI (Streamdiffusion)
  • Visual reactive to audio / audio reactive to visual
  • Mapping interface for Audio controlled by Gesture
  • Realtime skeleton for interaction
  • Particle system for physical presence
  • Object detection in HMI interfaces
  • Realtime immersive space projection (360° Mapping)
  • UX for Interactive design interface : Touchscreen, controler, onair


For Touchdesigner developers, I’ve created a small module for visually monitoring network resource consumption: INSTANT PROBE