When our hands become useless - Infratonal
Multidisciplinary artist wondering how what makes us human can dialogue with the algorithm to create a visual and musical hybrid artwork
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When our hands become useless

what will we choose to do with them?

During 2023, I was completely overwhelmed (almost petrified) by these new AI capabilities, and I spent a lot of time exploring and experimenting a lot with them.


I had to learn and unlearn many things, ask myself questions I’d never asked myself as a creator, and try to make sense of my creative work with these new rules. Instead of succumbing to the algorithm, I had to resist producing all the great things the machine was suggesting and ask myself what I really wanted.


In 2024, I decided to share more of this journey, processes, and thoughts through AI world : How can we use these algorithms more consciously and purposefully as creators And how to use the algorithm without letting the algorithms use us.

When our hands become useless, what will we choose to do with them?

Every creation begins with an intention followed by a gesture, let’s find where the algorithm could be inserted naturally in the process