Digital Artist & Composer Exploring sound, image and gesture
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Digital Artist & Composer
Exploring sound, image and gesture

French artist living in Paris. He studied visual arts, computer graphics, and digital communication; he leads a career in the communication field and built artistic projects (composer, musician, visual and sound artist).


Fascinated by computer art since his teenage year, he has always kept the digital tool in the center of his interests. Since the Atari demoscene, his computer graphics films, his computer music practice, his records of electronic music, he has cultivated a varied practice of sound and image. Founder of a digital agency, he worked for many brands on their strategies and Social Media creation. Following this agency experience, he now develops projects in the artistic field.


Today, his creative approach is at the intersection of digital visual arts, electronic music, interaction design and data art. In search of a new language, his work and artistic experiments question the status and representation of artworks in the 21st century. He explores how a visual and musical artwork can be conceived, interpreted and how it can evolve under the influence of data and interaction. His hybrid works take the form of performances or installations in the broad field of A/V (Audio/video) performance, digital art or interactive art, new media art where image, sound, and gesture combine and influence each other.


His formal and technical work is part of a larger research field related to his media expertise, by questioning our relationship to data, platforms, artificial intelligence as a society, as a citizen, or as an individual