Unfamiliar Intimacy - Infratonal
Multidisciplinary artist wondering how what makes us human can dialogue with the algorithm to create a visual and musical hybrid artwork
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Unfamiliar Intimacy

An emotional link with virtual shapes

With this project, I wish to introduce a new organization of form and sound around an imaginary line.


This line, emanating from gesture naturally carries a form of creative emotion. Thus this line in space could be the motion of a painter drawing or a musician playing.


The line represents the creative interpretation that can, once transformed into data, be “dressed” with new visual and sound attributes and redefine the creative form while preserving the interpreter’s gesture.


It is also a way to bring together and unify the musical and visual forms around this gesture. A sort of intimacy between the gesture and the form arises.


Technologies: Touchdesigner, Ableton Live, Max8, Python

Controllers & sensors: spatial position sensor (Leap motion), Touchscreen, Midi controllers